International Patient Department of Simateb Clinic

International Patient Department of Simateb Clinic provides the complete system of services for international patients.

Medical consulting, diagnostic services, issuing the bill and insurance, organizing the trip and staying is some of our services.

International patient department of Simateb Clinic is accountable to your medical needs, from the first time you require until you return to your country. you just need to call and send the request. We will provide all the necessary works for your presence and treatment in the international department of the hospital.

International patients call us and after that international patient’s experts will contact them and resolves all their needs.

International Patients expert is someone with academic education who will provide all welfare services during the time patients stay at the hospital.

International Patients expert will consider patients culture and personal needs to provide all welfare services. Staying in another country will bring a stressful situation for patients. International Patient Department (I.P.D) understands the situation and tries to provide a 24-hour service patients.

The purpose of I.P.D is to resolve all patients and their family’s needs who has come for treatment to Iran.

In I.P.D we provide especial services for patients. The staff of I.P.D have good and comfortable medical experience for patients.

International Patient Department of SimaTeb Clinic services are provided before and during trip and staying such as:

– Make medical appointment

– Work with international insurance

– Reserve hotel

– Transit patients from airport to hotel

– Help to renew the staying duration and get medical visa

– 24-hour translation

– Estimate and announce the medical cost before your arrival

– Accompany you in admission

– English translator accompany you in medical examination and treatment

– 24-hour emergency services such as coordinating transit with aerial ambulance

– Prepare and deliver a copy of your medical report

– Accompany you during discharge

– Keep you in touch with your doctor and control through sending file after you return to your country

– Help you with your trip (Traveling documents and visa services for touring and etc…)|

IPD Expert :Sima Rastegar Moghaddam

Phone Number :(051) – 38462601


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Phone: (051) – 38462601

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