About Us


This center in partnership with the skin and beauty specialist doctors and plastic surgeons, is famous and aims to perform special services concerning skin and beauty and repairing

The following information is provided to clients at this center:

Name of doctor and the of type his expertise

The treatment type necessary to treat the disease

Name and the brand of the devices and equipment and the materials required

  • The main distinguishing feature compared with the same centers, is conducting and supervising the well-known experts on all services including consulting, surgery services and laser as well as use of the reputable and well known devices and consumables with the maximum necessary standard.
Necessary explanation

Having legal license is not a reason for the office or clinic specially the beauty clinics that their performance is correct, and in order to prevent the unpleasant side effects and in many cases irreversible, you should note the following points especially about the repairing and beauty case:

Consult with the expert that is familiar and trusted.

  • In many cases especially if the name and the specialty of the doctors of the health centers is not mentioned, the persons that are introduced as an advisor and doctor have not the related specialty and usually they are not willing to insert the content and written testimony of their words.
  • The used equipment especially the medical laser devices require the relevant standards and given the availability of the devices of no quality there is the probability of taking advantage or the future risks.
  • The patient has the right to have information about the used device.
  • The result of any surgery or treatment is specific for any person and it is possible that a similar method has a different result for two or more persons.
  • the most important step to treat and repair especially at beauty issues is correct diagnosis of the problem and proper selection that is completely an expert issue and the majority of the side effects is because of involvement of the non-specialists.

Lots of the consumable materials specially kinds of gel and Botox are counterfeit and nonstandard and the risk of local reactions and effects on the central nervous system in case of non-standard materials is high.