D: Types of skin surgery

a) Surgery of types of skin tumors

b) Removing skin moles

c) Biopsy of skin lesions (biopsy)

d) Cryotherapy or cold therapy to treat warts, types of skin-deep freckles and some of skin-deep tumors

e) Iontophoresis to eliminate excessive sweating of palms of the hands and feet

f) RF electrocautery with minimal scarring effect on skin.

g) Preparation and injection of platelet growth factor (PRP) to solve the skin and joint problems by the Dermatologists and Rheumatology.

Despite the beneficial effects of this surgery, unlike many false and deceptive advertising, the use of PRP injections is not considered as the stem cell, and in some cases it requires special attention.


C: Removing localized fat (liposuction) and laser of the local extra fat
in the case that the person by reducing weight up to natural weight or at most more than 10% of the normal weight has deformities caused by local obesity, the removal method of excess fat with liposuction or fat tissue laser can be used effectively.

B: Removal of local slimming of face and other body areas
Increasing or decreasing of the fatty tissue under the skin has impact on facade as slimming or unusual and inappropriate overweight. Regarding the possibility of the transfer of fat from certain areas of the body to another, in some conditions, you can use it as a filler or filter for the slim areas or of the areas lacking adipose tissue.

A: Implanting natural hair that can grow in two ways of FIT and FUT
For those who for whatever reason have lost their natural hair and are unhappy with the situation, implanting natural hair is the last effective and permanent treatment choice. Implanting or transplanting from the high-density areas can be performed in various methods depending on the skin type and the problem background of the patients.