E: Treatment of vascular lesions such as the lunar eclipse, vascular nevi (hemangioma) and superficial capillaries
By the laser devices:

 1. IPL (star lux- Max G palomar USA)

This device is of the highest standard is required for removing blemishes, red spots as well as some of brown and dark spots.

D: Removing tattoos, moles and pigmented skin, open pores of the skin (orange peel appearance), freckles and spots of pregnancy, bruising around the eyes
By the devices:

Q-Switched Nd:YAG (Spectra Lutronic)

Tattoos for any purpose that is created may cause the patients or the persons around unhappy over the time. Now the best way to completely eliminate the tattoos with no risk is using standard medical lasers that depending on the type and amount of the dye are done over a few sessions.

Also, some types of freckles and moles and bruising around the eyes can be removed by equipment.

In the case of open skin pores, the success rate of the laser in various people is different.

In all the above cases, selecting the type of laser and its intensity depends on the skin color and the presence of allergies or different skin problems.

C: Skin rejuvenation, removal the relative laxity of the skin, treatment of skin cracks caused by pregnancy and weight change
By the devices:
  1.  Erbium Yag Fractional Laser (Star lux USA)
  2.  RF Fractional (infiniLutronic)

The phenomenon of aging symptoms sometimes occurs due to factors such as heredity, being a long time at exposure of risk of the natural prejudicial factors (UV and sunlight and dry air) or artificial factors (psychological problems, stress, toxins and strong detergent) and type of personality (especially those who are sensitive and touchy) ahead of time, and tolerance of it for these people and those around them is difficult. In such circumstances, the appropriate use of technology and the devices can reduce somewhat the speed of this phenomenon and cause the skin rejuvenation at a high limit. To get a better result, you may use other methods depending on the problem type in addition to this action.

B: Repairing scar, rash, orienta sore and kin rejuvenation
By the devices:
  1. Co2 Fractional laser (eCo2 Lutronic)
  2.  Erbium Yag Fractional Laser (Star lux USA)
  3.  RF Fractional (infiniLutronic)

In many cases that the effects of diseases and wounds remain on skin in various forms and cause discomfort and dissatisfaction, the use of laser technology is helpful to improve the appearance. Given the type of scar or disease impact on skin, choice of treatment depends on several factors and it is better to prevent them from getting worse and get the desired results in such cases, you should consult with the relevant specialist. Do not act on the basis of misleading advertisements and recommendation of the non-experts.

A: Permanent Hair Removal
By the laser devices:
  1. Alexandrite laser (Gentle lase candela USA)
  2.  IPL (star lux R palomar USA)

Existence of the unusual and unwanted hair, especially on open areas of the body has a negative impact on the morale and confidence of the patient. Now from a variety of hair removal methods, laser therapy is a very good method and in the case of the correct selection of the laser type for the patients, most cases are associated with excellent results.